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His home burnt to ashes and his parents killed, a young boy teetered on the brink of death. Lady Lily found him and bestowed upon him new life and mysterious powers. Tied to this kind Faery like a son, he was reborn under the name she gave to him: Cat. While his past remains a frustrating mystery to him, he has forged onward with the help of his newfound friends.
-Power: Cat possesses alarming strength and is part Sky Fae.

A fox-eared, fox-tailed half-fae, Sarah was shunned and demonized for her appearance. With no family to speak of and no friends to turn to, she found herself seeking refuge in a charred hovel, where she discovered an unlikely ally in the young Cat. Under the instructions of Lady Lily, she traveled with the boy to the island she has since come to know as 'home'.
-Power: Sarah is a shadowmancer and skilled with a blade.

Cat's younger sister, Libby, was a baby when her parents were killed. No mere mortal, she was born with an untold power dwelling inside her. The Vortex, a sentient drain to all magical forces, lives within Libby like a second soul. No full-faery can stay close to her, and some seek to destroy her. At great, personal risk, Bing gave a piece of himself to the vortex. His sacrifice made it possible for him to approach her, but added another voice to Libby's crowded mind.
-Power: a sentient, living Vortex which dwells within her.

Lady Lily's nephew, Kristin Bing followed her command to guide Sarah and Cat to a new island home. While he would dearly love to remain there with his new friends and Truth (Bing's loving step-mother), Bing can not stay while Libby is on the island. With help, he frees his cousin and childhood friend, Dor from castle Nymndemise. In the process, he burns his bridges by attacking his Lord, Mercutious. Now he travels alone, most recently on the western continent.
-Power: A Greater Fire Fae, Bing's talent is dangerously heightened by faery firewater.

The secret son of Lord Mercutious, Dor was kept hidden away by his mother, Lady Lily in a single lonely room. To keep him disguised from Mercutious and safe from the Vortex, Dor's horns were cut off and his fangs ripped out. He gained his freedom, but lost his magic. Resentful to the very people who sought to aid him, Dorian Nymndemise bitterly laments his losses. Slowly, almost in spite of himself, however, he is beginning to trust and even care for his newfound family.
-Power: Without magic, Dor still has a brilliant mind and a knack for science.

Little Deedra was captured years ago, her mind erased by Threnody's kiss. Very nearly stolen from Castle Nymndemise by the mysterious Magus, she was instead adopted by an affectionate faery named Vali Flynn. When her surrogate father is sent off to war, Dee serves as a nanny in the castle until, at Bing's urging, she escapes with Cat, Sarah, and Dor for the island.
-Power: Dee is learning witchcraft and sorcery.



Lady Lily

Lily Nymndemise is devoted to peaceful coexistence between humans and fae. A kind and benevolent lady to those in need, she is unforgiving to those who persecute the innocent - a fact which her own brother, John Stone learned first hand. Even after she severely punished him, Stone tried to kill young Libby and her brother, Cat. While protecting the children, Lily overextended and expended all of her magic. She is now sustained only by an enchantment placed on her by her husband, Mercutious, with whom she has long been feuding.
-Power: Lily is a Greater Sky Fae.


Mercutious Nymndemise holds the well being of his people in the highest regard. He is frequently at odds with is wife, Lady Lily who feels that fae should not be mixed with humans. Over the years the rift between them grew. While he disagreed with her politically, he still dearly loved his wife. Her collapse was devastating, and he grew cold and distant, allowing John Stone to take control of more aspects of the faery realm than he would otherwise have given. A seemingly reserved and introspective ruler, Mercutious is a bit of a mystery, even to those close to him. Currently, Nymndemise is being held in a magic sleep by John and Leelah Stone. But why?
-Power: He is a shadowmancer.

Alexandria, aka "Truth", Bing has incredible power at her fingertips. As an accomplished witch and the last oracle of Delphi, she can can also sense any lie and knows things no one should know. A peaceful, caring person, Truth is caretaker to her own island haven and den mother to a group of unique children.
-Powers: Subtle and mysterious.

Rose is Lady Lily's mother, and grandmother to Bing, Dor, and by less conventional terms, Cat. Rose was once a wise and powerful faery, but slow, methodical poisoning during her final years left her addled, demented, and eventually dead. Now attached to Truth as a witch's familiar, she has a limited second-life, but still possesses much magic.
-Power: She is a master of light, but her powers have changed somewhat in death.

Chess Morganstern has had a wild and varied past. The elven captain of her own ship, she has been a pirate, an ambassador, and a soldier. Chess has had a long, friendly history with the human oracle,Truth, serving as her soothsayer in sacred ceremonies. Also, despite the simmering animosity between elves and faeries, she quickly developed a rapport with the faery ambassador, Vali Flynn.
-Power: A crafty navigator, sword fighter, and swashbuckler.
Vali Flynn

Vali Flynn, the faery courtier and ambassador to the country fae, has long been loyal to House Nymndemise. After an incident with The Magus, in which he rescued and adopted the young human, Deedra, he was forced to leave the castle to fight in the human wars. When Mercutious fell into an impenetrable sleep, Vali returned to the world of Faery to lead the revolution against John Stone. With the weight of the Faery world on his shoulders, Vali still worries most about his younger sister, Ember, and his adopted daughter, Dee.
-Powers: A Lesser Earth Fae, Vali controls plants, particularly vines and ivy.

Ember Flynn, aka "Sprite", has a passion for excitement and a knack for getting in trouble. With her big brother, Vali, away at war, Ember was alone when plague took her parents. The tenderness of the humans who helped her with their burial opened her to explore beyond the world she knew. With the companionship of her best friend, Nina, she left Faery. She found her brother at the front lines and encouraged him to return with her. She sticks close to Vali and Nina, her only family, now.
-Power: She is a Greater Fire Fae.

Nina, aka "Nymph", is Ember's faithful companion. Doe-eyed and innocent, Nina's sweet demeanor does not stop her from following her best friend into whatever mischief the two might find in their path.
-Power: Her innate gifts as a Nymph will grow with age.

Tom Collins joined with Cat's island comrades in the early twentieth century. While Dor remains suspicious of him, Tom has proven to be a bold and loyal addition to the roster, aiding the group in numerous daring capers. CAPER!
-Power: With no obvious magic of his own, he still has a number of tricks up his sleeve.

Fuscia is the unofficial ring leader of the island's merry band of "gremlins", the name for the youngest generation of the island's inhabitants. The gremlin's consist of Fuscia, her siblings (Magenta and Todd), and a reluctant Libby. An orphan, Fuscia joined Cat and the crew from Colonial America and came to live with them on the island.
-Power: She has a sharp mind and a talent for chemistry.

Magenta is as michevious a raggamuffin as any in the Cat Legend crew. Along with her siblings, Fuscia and Todd, she joined the group in America and came to live with them on the island.
-Power: An unending supply of energy and attitude.

Todd, along with his sisters, Fuscia and Magenta, is an orphan. They joined the Legend crew in America and came with them to live on the island haven with the rest of the motley group.
-Power: A keen interest in computers and technology.




John Stone wants to restore the Fae to glory. At least, that's what he tells them. Mostly, he just wants power. John Stone wishes to be more than a mere Lord. He's looking to re-establish a royal family and he doesn't care who he needs to sacrifice to do it. Brother to Lily and Joseph, son of Rose, he's the last of his family alive. It's a bit suspicious if you ask me.
-Powers: Although he once had wings, he wasn't able to fly. Stone is an Earth Fae. It's rumored he can make the ground shake.

Katrina Stone is the daughter of John Stone. Half-sister of Kristin Bing. Katrina's known for being a bit of a terror. She has a need for attention that borders on creepy. As a toddler, she shows less aptitude for speaking and more for crushing things. It remains unseen what role she'll play in the future.
-Powers: So far she hasn't overtly displayed any magic, however, the things she can do to a metal duck can be described as, "unhealthy".
Mr. Peeps

Mr. Peeps is currently a doddering, old loon who does the bidding of John Stone. He didn't always used to be. In fact, in his younger days he started out as a humble street grifter. Then he worked his way up to con-man before getting in too deep with actual magic. Tales of his exploits can be found in The Magician.
-Powers: Slight of hands and teapots.

Leelah has NOT led a charmed life. First married to her betrothed, Joseph Bing, she was unwanted and unloved. Joseph ran back to his secret wife Alexandria. Leelah attempted to raise her son, Kristin Bing with a strict hand, but he follows in his fathers footsteps. Upon Joseph's suspiciously convenient death, Leelah was free to marry her true love, John Stone and bring her son back home where he belongs. With the birth of her daughter, Katrina it appears that Leelah is finally getting the life she always dreamed of.
-Powers: Sparkles.

Threnody is known as the Mad Fae of Forget. Completely nuts, she is kept in a cage by Lady Lily to use as a natural amnesia. Whenever Lily needs to wipe someone's memory and/or mind, Threnody is let loose. Just ask Dee. Fortunately, Threnody met a violent end at the hands of Vali Flynn before Threnody could cause any further damage.
-Powers: Amnesia kiss.

Brought to the nameless island by Phrix in his misguided attempt to give her a better life, it turns out that was part of her plan. Most assume she's harmless until things start getting weird. The island's inhabitants begin arguing over stupid things and Cat goes missing. Her machinations cause a rift between the inhabitants until Libby steps in and releases the island from the little witch's clutches. As it turns out, Laura is better known as the Mercury Witch.
-Powers: Mercury poisoning.

Down on his luck, Lazarus can't win. Not much of a villain, but a worse hero, Lazarus was forced to volunteer for the Red Rose during the Faery Civil War. For the cause, Lazarus spied upon Vali's army and reported to John Stone. Obviously, he's not very popular with anyone.
-Powers: Snow and Ice.



The Magus

The Magus, is the spanner in John Stone's works. In the past, every time Stone's plans to conquer humanity were starting to get somewhere, the Magus would jump in and ruin everything! And the Magus would do it with style. Surprisingly, his exploits have left Vali Flynn no choice but to be good frenemies with the mysterious Magus. Unfortunately, the Magus hasn't been seen in a few years, not since he took on Nymndemise. Who is the Magus? Only his apprentice, Deedra Flynn knows for sure.
-Powers: Yes.

The leader of the Elves, Phrixus was always his father's favorite, inheriting his name and all of the elven kingdom. Unfortunately, for everyone else, Phrix is an idiot. Anyone who met the two would have known that Frey was the more natural choice to lead the elves. Unfortunately Phrix and Frey's father was an idiot too. His one redeeming quality is his bravery. However, his butler would say it was the fact Phrix is colorblind.
-Powers: He owns the island and the elves.

Frey knows he's smarter than his brother Phrix. He also knows he'd be the more natural choice as heir to the Elven thrown. But Frey has accepted his lot. Heavy is the head that wears the crown and all. However, he didn't always used to feel that way. Don't ask how Phrix got the scar. It makes Frey feel bad. Currently, Frey is engineering the civil war between the Fae. He has enlisted pirates, the oracle and the Faery Ambassador for his cause.
-Powers: He really runs things.

Mendel was the Seer before the Faery Civl War. He had the ability to see through veils of magic to reality. Unfortunately, when sailing on the ship that held Laura he lost his sight, but not his power. No longer able to see in the normal sense, he can no longer see past magic, but he can still detect it.
-Powers: Seeing through magic.
Dante Diaz

Dante is the current Seer. Able to see beyond magic's veil to reality, he's always had trouble telling what he SHOULD be seeing. When he was growing up, his parents just thought he was imaginative. Smarter than most, he quickly learned to pretend he wasn't seeing fantastic creatures and monsters. If not only to keep from being institutionalized, but to keep the monsters themselves from noticing him. Anyone used to seeing the supernatural might be attracted to the church. A methodist minister, Dante believes in free will and the divine, and honestly, a whole lot of other things.
-Powers: Seeing through magic.

Beatrice is the head of the Black Orchard Witches. This coven of witches includes Truth, Bianca, and Maeve. She is wise and worldly, but that doesn't always mean she's right.
-Powers: Witchcraft.

Bianca is one of the Black Orchard Witches. This coven of witches includes Truth, Beatrice, and Maeve. Outwardly, she appears to be an ice queen, good thing she is inwardly too. Bianca is a master of Alchemy and currently owns a shop in the Zandermacht, which she shares with a Goblin mechanic.
-Powers: Witchcraft.

Maeve is one of the Black Orchard Witches. This coven of witches includes Truth, Beatrice, and Bianca. Ruthless and possibly evil, Maeve is currently fighting on the side of good, but that could change as easily as her desire.
-Powers: Witchcraft.
Barnabus Black

Barnabus Black is charming and fascinating. Immediate comrades with Chess Morganstern and Vali Flynn, it's surprising to think his primary talent is raising the dead. As Zombie Master, Barnabus has led an interesting life. He is followed by spirits that only he can see. A princess, a wisp, and a wraith. Barnabus becomes very interested in Cat once he realizes Cat can see his parade of the undead.
-Powers: Necormancy.

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